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Mahiruha Klein

Some thoughts on the spiritual life

by Mahiruha Klein from Chicago, US

Yesterday I hired a cleaning service to clean my room. Today I noticed something interesting: usually I don't spend time at home, but today I feel comfortable staying at home, reading books and writing. Typically, on my days off I go to the gym, to...

Shardul Dillicar


by Shardul Dillicar from , CA

Welcome to this site.



by Lotika from Moscow, RU

Jogyata Dallas

11. The Evolution of Transport

by Jogyata Dallas from Auckland, NZ

In the early years of the Auckland Centre, our methods of transportation closely paralleled the ambulatory history of mankind – we walked, bicycled, bussed, motorbiked, then made the quantum leap to our own Centre car, an evolution that caused much...

Sharani Robins

God, Truth, Beauty and Guru

by Sharani Robins from East Providence, US

by Sharani RobinsEast Providence, United States