Vilas Silverton on his artistic inspiration Oxford, GB

Vilas Silverton from Bristol Sri Chinmoy Centre talks about his art and spiritual life. I have been inspired in my early years by a huge number of artists, as from most people’s work, there will be something that can be learned and taken as a...


Never Give Up! São Paulo, BR

by Patanga


Books by Members of Sri Chinmoy Centre Oxford, GB

A selection of books written by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. On Sri Chinmoy's Sunlit Path Author: 98 members of Sri Chinmoy Centre


Inspiration Letters 21

Mahiruha Klein Chicago, US

Thoughtful, soulful, and humourous essays on travel, friendship, nature and more!


Inspiration Letters 20

Auckland, NZ


Inspiration Letters 19

Mahiruha Klein Chicago, US

Time Issue: Lately I’ve been visiting some friends in Florida.  The beaches here are white, and I don’t know the names of most of the birds. 


Napsali o nás... Zlin, CZ

V šestihodinovce naplavali nejvíc kilometrů Andrea Marcato a Lucie Poustecká (14.3.2019) Ve Zlíně bylo o víkendu uplaváno celkem 1282 kilometrů a podařilo se překonat, nebo vytvořit osm veteránských rekordů. Čtyři v mužské kategorii 55-59 let, dva...


Bienvenue aux Centres Sri Chinmoy Montpellier, FR

Les Centres Sri Chinmoy sont établis en France dans plusieurs villes depuis 1978 et offrent des activités diverses dans l'esprit de l'enseignement du Maître Sri Chinmoy pour promouvoir l'harmonie et l'unité dans le monde


A Universal Heart of Sympathy Dublin, IE

This is a play about the great Indian spiritual figure, Swami Vivekananda who lived in the latter part of the 19th century. His visit to the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 is considered a landmark event in the arrival of Eastern...


Sri Chinmoy in Ireland Dublin, IE

Sri Chinmoy visited Ireland three times in the early seventies, meeting with Presidents Eamon de Valera and Erskine Childers and giving lectures for the general public in Trinity College. Impressions of Ireland Upon his return...


Garga Bristol, GB

  "We will always be found in the newness-vortex of activities multifarious" Sri Chinmoy When I first started to explore the world of meditation, I did not suspect for a moment that I would find myself plunging into myriad activities such as...


Vilas Silverton

Vilas Silverton
Bristol, GB

Vilas Silverton is a ceramic artist currently living in Bristol. He explains how practicing meditation in the Sri Chinmoy Centre has re-awakened his love of art and influenced his work. Like many children, I loved drawing and being creative,...


Running the longest race in the world... Dublin, IE

My name is Nirbhasa Magee. I'm originally from County Meath, Ireland; I currently live in Reykjavík, Iceland. You're probably here because you've heard something about somebody running the longest race in the world - I guess that would be me. So...


Sushumna Plumbly

Suswara Payne Bristol, GB

Sushumna first established the London Centre in 1971, and has continuosly inspired  many people through meditation classes, magazine articles and other ways. The following is an extract from her book "Things My Guru Taught Me".