Vilas Silverton on his artistic inspiration Oxford, GB

Vilas Silverton from Bristol Sri Chinmoy Centre talks about his art and spiritual life. I have been inspired in my early years by a huge number of artists, as from most people’s work, there will be something that can be learned and taken as a...


Books by Members of Sri Chinmoy Centre Oxford, GB

A selection of books written by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. On Sri Chinmoy's Sunlit Path Author: 98 members of Sri Chinmoy Centre


Inspiration Letters 21

Mahiruha Klein Chicago, US

Thoughtful, soulful, and humourous essays on travel, friendship, nature and more!


Inspiration Letters 20

Auckland, NZ


Inspiration Letters 19

Mahiruha Klein Chicago, US

Time Issue: Lately I’ve been visiting some friends in Florida.  The beaches here are white, and I don’t know the names of most of the birds.