Week 2: Summary

During this second week, you will have:

  • Read Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 of Meditation up to and including pages 72-73.
  • Practiced the recommended meditation exercises for at least ten minutes daily - preferably at the same time each day.
  • Logged your practice and your experiences in the journal.

Nothing is Happening!

By now you’ve probably had a whole range of experiences in your medita-tion. No doubt there were some days—perhaps many days—when it felt like nothing was happening. Is this a problem? No. As long as you are meditating regularly, something is definitely happening deep within, whether you are aware of it or not.

Remember, you’ve only meditated a few dozen times so far; if by now you had expected to be transported to an altered state of consciousness, or to have eliminated all negative emotions from your life, you are bound to be disappointed. Don’t be disappointed—change your expectations instead.

Peace begins
When expectation ends.

- Sri Chinmoy

Hopefully there were a few days when you felt something. It may have lasted for only a second or two, but that’s okay—that one second can change your entire day. There’s no magical milestone in your practice after which you will be able to meditate perfectly every time. Rather, as time goes on, there will be more and more moments during your meditation when you feel something happening inwardly, and these moments will increase in length.

Trust Your Soul

Every day when you meditate, your soul is being fed. And on any given day, your soul knows exactly how much and what kind of food it needs to make the most progress. The experiences you have during meditation will be determined by what your soul wants that day. So, if for a few days you have a certain experience during your meditation and then it disappears, you are not going backwards. Trust your soul and realize that it wants something else. If you regularly meditate and sincerely aspire for higher consciousness, you will have experiences that are far beyond your imagination.

Since life is but a continuous
Series of experiences,
Everything ultimately helps me
Towards my final

- Sri Chinmoy

Trust the Gardener

Have you ever looked at a plant, and without even checking the soil, felt the plant was “crying” for water? When that happened, what was your immediate reaction? You probably said to yourself (or to the plant), “I’d better give that plant some water right away.” The plant played its role by crying for water, and you played your role by fulfilling its need.

You are that plant. And there is a Gardener who planted the seed of aspiration deep within you. When you meditate, you are crying to the Gardener to feed your inner being with the light of self-discovery so that you may grow into a beautiful flower or a towering tree. Don’t try to force yourself to make progress—your only responsibility is to cry. It is the Gardener’s responsibility to feed you. Have faith in the Gardener.

God has prepared my meal.
Now I must prepare my hunger.

- Sri Chinmoy