Site credits

  • Site developed and maintained by Vasudeva Server. Vasudeva Server maintains over 120 non-profit websites with information on many inspiring fields of human endeavour – meditation, spirituality, humanitarian work, peace initiatives, art, music, poetry and athletics.

Open source software

  • runs on Drupal 7. As part of our contribution to the open source community, we have contributed back various modules we developed for this site, among them the Domain Admin module.
  • The map on the global home and member pages is inspired by, and borrows code from similar maps on the homepage
  • The map on the free meditation classes page and other topic pages are generated using Open Street Map and the OpenLayers mapping library
  • Videos are displayed using JWPlayer

Design elements - non-commercial licence is a not-for-profit website, and uses design elements from the following sites that have been made available using a non-commercial licence: