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Articles and Stories by Alesha Thorpe

Learning meditation has been the most rewarding and beneficial persuit in my life.

The Ever-Transcending Goal
For as long as I can remember, competing at the Olympics has been a fairytale-dream of mine...

My Life's Adventures
My whole life has been so much fun and I feel very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had. Every moment in my life has lead me to where I am right now and there is no other place in the universe I would rather be!

Having a Spiritual Teacher
When we want to learn a musical instrument we go to a teacher who is accomplished in this field and we take lessons.

A Life-Changing Opportunity
After attending the meditation classes offered at the Sri Chinmoy Centre and experiencing for myself the lasting peace and inner happiness that was beginning to bloom in my life, I was growing an inner hunger to discover more about spirituality.

Meditation Nights at the Sri Chinmoy Centre
Our Centre meditation nights are a highlight in my week, when I always have my best meditations and my aspiration seems to multiply.

The Magic of Mornings and the Joy of Running
Unleash the weapons! Slay the dragons! For the treasure that lies beyond is definitely worth it!

A Great Way To Start The Day
Running... out onto the fog-laden street. My cold limbs reluctantly awake.

My Room
I love coming home to my room. Everything about it inspires me and reminds me of what is important in my life.

Reflections From The World Harmony Run
Fifty-two kilometres we had covered since daybreak, only eight to go...

Auckland Joy Weekend
Meditation: Solitary? Secluded? A retreat from the world? A life of austerities, spiritual disciplines and world renunciation? FAR FROM IT!!!

Spiritual Friends
Spiritual friends are more like brothers and sisters. Underneath our differences, personalities and individualities lies a very familiar oneness, a deep love and a unique understanding. I feel this with every person that I have begun to know on Sri Chinmoy's path – the 'path of the heart'.

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