My Favourite Times In Sailing

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Thrill and excitement of an ocean ride...

My Favourite Times In Sailing

The wind lashes and hurls through the masts
Howling a gentle warning to all brave children of the sea.
Whitewash waves crash against the harbor wall
Standing guard, loyal to the bitter end, in a losing battle.
A shiver down my spine reminds me of how small and vulnerable we are
When we play with the unforgiving power of the ocean.
Like a lion tamer, a single second of disrespect is all it takes.
Yet beyond the cautious thoughts of my mind
I always feel an eagerness to take on the challenge
And surrender to the thrill and excitement of an ocean ride.
These are my favourite times in sailing.

When the cold bites, the rain pelts and the wind whips
But all goes unnoticed in my little world of survival to stay upright.
Gasps of breath between salt spray and fatigue
When I call upon my outer strength
But discover an inner strength.
No longer is it a cut-throat battle of competitor versus competitor
Often driven by pride and ego.
It is now survival
Us versus the elements
Together we are One
Brave children of the sea.

- Alesha Thorpe.

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