The Overlaugh Poem

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This is a True, Absolutely 100% Real Life Poem of something that actually happened to Toshala on Meditation Night. (Don’t try this at home).

The Overlaugh Poem

Those who have a tendency to overlaugh
Just cannot cut their laughs in half.
In some situations requiring propriety
They are inclined to react with insobriety.
For instance, just the other day
Meditation started in the usual way.
All was fine and dandy (everyone thinks)
When Nick grabbed the chance for forty winks!
He gave a snore as loud as a bell
And then he fell off his seat as well!
For a funny situation it was hard to top
And personally I thought I would pop
For a laugh was inside, growing bigger and bigger
And around me people were starting to snigger.
Jogyata laughed, just once, and then said, “Ahem”
And we all followed his example – but then
It was over for everyone else but me!
And I was still writhing around in glee!
I was there with my eyes streaming with mirth
Bottling a snort for all I was worth.
My mind then came up to have a play,
Remembering all the funny things that happened that day.
And worse still it went off to seek
For the memories of all laughs that happened that week!
I cast around wildly, looking for Grace
And my eyes lit upon Simahin’s face!
His visage was outlandish yet oddly serene
(Those who’ve seen Simahin know what I mean).
I kept it together for a brief little bit
Then pretended to have a coughing fit.
Sincerely I fought to keep mirth at bay,
Composure, I could tell, was far away.
Thankfully, luckily before worse came to worst
(Before my laugh bubble irrevocably burst)
I thought of Subarata and my mirth suddenly waned,
The bubble dispersed and Peace Finally Reigned.

– Toshala.

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