200th Songs of the Soul Concert

Recently, students of Sri Chinmoy offered the 200th Songs of the Soul Concert in Budva, Montenegro. In the picturesque surroundings of Budva, several groups of musicians performed arrangements and interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s music. Fusing a range of styles and instruments, the diversity of music contributed to a meditative and joyful atmosphere - appreciated by those in attendance.

The performers

The concert began with acapella singing by a group of female singers before switching to the renowned musician Alap who played a range of flutes, accompanied by drums. Several other groups, containing musicians from all over the globe, continued the concert - each offering a small glimpse into the musical potential of Sri Chinmoy’s approximate 22,000 compositions.

Paree's Group

The Songs of the Soul concert series began in New York, April 2008 - shortly after Sri Chinmoy’s mahasamadhi and, since then, around 20 concerts a year have been given in all the major continents and many different cities. These concerts of soulful and meditative music are dedicated to the musical spirit and legacy of Sri Chinmoy. The performers come from a variety of musical backgrounds - some professional, some enthusiasts, but all feel a special value in offering the music of Sri Chinmoy to the general public.

In the same spirit as Sri Chinmoy’s Peace Concert Series, all Songs of the Soul Concerts are offered free of charge.

Selected photos of performers from concert

Alap and Lucas
Arthada's Group
Blue Flower
Blue Flower


Introducing the concert
Shamita and Dohai


Photos Bijoy, Surabhamat