Inner and outer peace

Our teacher, Sri Chinmoy, felt that a peaceful world can only happen when each of us gains a measure of inner peace.

Tales from the inner life

Sri Chinmoy showed us that it is possible to live lives of inner peace, while still being fully part of the world.

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An airport meditation experience

Jogyata Dallas Auckland, New Zealand

Progress-Pilgrimage: A 1200km run from Vienna to Paris

Shamita Achenbach-König Vienna, Austria

Running for peace in the South Pacific

Nirbhasa Magee Dublin, Ireland

Meditation: you make progress just by doing it

Jogyata Dallas Auckland, New Zealand

If a little meditation can give you this kind of experience...

Pragya Gerig Nuremberg, Germany

I want what he has

Kamalakanta Nieves New York, United States

I became conscious and that was it

Rupantar LaRusso New York, United States

The inner voice

Lunthita Duthely Hialeah, United States

Never give up!

Subarnamala Riedel Zurich, Switzerland

Listen to the inner voice

Vidura Groulx Montreal, Canada

My 5 a.m. strategic meditations

Sanchita Fleming Ottawa, Canada

The day when everything began

Bhagavantee Paul Salzburg, Austria

I just knew from the moment I saw him

Ashrita Furman New York, United States

Time seemed to freeze

Brahmata Michael Ottawa, Canada

It does not matter which spoon you use

Brahmacharini Rebidoux St. John's, Canada

My life with Sri Chinmoy

Namrata Moses New York, United States

Finding inner happiness

Anita Costa Lisbon, Portugal

Where the finite connects to the Infinite

Jogyata Dallas Auckland, New Zealand

I wanted to have this kind of joy all my life

Yashodevi Samar Nikolaev, Ukraine

Why we organise ultra-distance events

Subarnamala Riedel Zurich, Switzerland

The greatest adventure that you can embark on

Mahatapa Palit New York, United States

Finding your spiritual Master

Gannika Wiesenberger Linz, Austria

Spirituality - the most fascinating subject on earth

Laila Faerman New York, United States

Selfless Service

Brian David Seattle, United States

What brought me to the spiritual life

Paula Correia Porto, Portugal

Praying for God’s Grace to Descend

Sweta Pradhan Kathmandu, Nepal

Regaining My Inner Joy

Sujata Muto Kyoto, Japan

The spiritual life is normal to me

Shankara Smith London, United Kingdom

No prior experience needed

Samalya Schafer Berlin, Germany