Spirituality for today's world

Our path is a path of the heart, as taught to us by Sri Chinmoy for the fastest spiritual progress.

Spirituality for today's world: Our path is a path of the heart, as taught to us by Sri Chinmoy for the fastest spiritual progress.
What does the Sri Chinmoy Centre do?
  • First: it supports its members in living a deep and rich inner life.
  • Second: it serves the public by organising free meditation events and concerts, races and much more. more »
Who is Sri Chinmoy?
  • Sri Chinmoy is a God-realised, or enlightened spiritual Master.
  • We meditate and practice spiritual life according to his philosophy, which brings together the best of Eastern poise and Western dynamism. more »
How does one join the Centre?
  • We are one of many spiritual paths: every genuine spiritual seeker needs to find their own path, and stick to it. 
  • To join the Centre, you should feel inside your heart a connection to this way of meditation and spiritual practice. more »

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The latest stories and videos from our members.

Akuti: one of our pioneer-disciples

Akuti Eisamann Connecticut, United States

Meeting Sri Chinmoy for the first time

Janaka Spence Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Sri Chinmoy's vision of the Peace Run

Harita Davies New York, United States

Love, devotion and surrender

Pradhan Balter Chicago, United States

Siblings on a spiritual path

Pranlobha Kalagian Seattle, United States

The Impact of a Yogi on My Life

Agni Casanova San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sri Chinmoy's one-person play performance

Janaka Spence Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Progress-Pilgrimage: A 1200km run from Vienna to Paris

Shamita Achenbach-König Vienna, Austria

Running for peace in the South Pacific

Nirbhasa Magee Dublin, Ireland

Meditation: you make progress just by doing it

Jogyata Dallas Auckland, New Zealand

If a little meditation can give you this kind of experience...

Pragya Gerig Nuremberg, Germany

I want what he has

Kamalakanta Nieves New York, United States

I became conscious and that was it

Rupantar LaRusso New York, United States

Connecting the dots

Lunthita Duthely Hialeah, United States

Now you are in the boat

Kaushalya Casey Toronto, Canada

Listen to the inner voice

Vidura Groulx Montreal, Canada

My 5 a.m. strategic meditations

Sanchita Fleming Ottawa, Canada

The day when everything began

Bhagavantee Paul Salzburg, Austria

Time seemed to freeze

Brahmata Michael Ottawa, Canada

It does not matter which spoon you use

Brahmacharini Rebidoux St. John's, Canada

So much longing, for something

Pushpa rani Piner Ottawa, Canada

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