Divine Enterprises

Sri Chinmoy encouraged some of his students to open up enterprises where they could offer the public a service. These range from small gift shops to cafes, restaurants, printing presses and running stores.

These enterprises aim to offer more than just a product - they seek to provide consumers with a unique and peaceful environment to enjoy their meal, coffee or shopping experience. Sri Chinmoy used the term 'divine enterprise' to emphasise this aspect - he asked his students working in the enterprise to feel as if they are serving God inside each customer. The enterprises are independently owned by his students, but often Sri Chinmoy would offer names to the enterprises to reflect the high spiritual ideals his path strives for.

Selfless service

Sri Chinmoy felt that meditation should not be an escape from the world, but a way to have deep inner peace while remaining in society. He felt that the best way to do this was to perform ones daily tasks with a sense of 'selflessness' - to get joy from giving one's efforts for the betterment of mankind, instead of being attached to the end result.

In our path, selfless service plays a considerable role. Meditation and selfless service are both of paramount importance....Each time we do selfless service we increase our capacity. God is omnipresent. He is the universal Consciousness. When we do selfless service, we feel oneness with the rest of mankind and become one with this universal Consciousness. Each moment we do something selflessly we enlarge our consciousness from the one to the many. First oneness starts with our spiritual brothers and sisters and then it spreads to the rest of the world. 1

Enterprises in Different Parts of the World

 Australian Enterprises


- My Rainbow-Dreams vegetarian Cafe, Canberra
- Joy-Discovery vegetarian Cafe, Adelaide
(Photo: My Rainbow-Silence-Heart Vegetarian Eatery, Melbourne)



List of Canadian enterprises

Photo of Annapurna, vegetarian restaurant, Ontario, Canada.


Great Britain

List of British Enterprises

Left: Run and Become, a running shop with branches in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.


New Zealand

List of New Zealand Enterprises

Photo: Blue Bird Cafe, Auckland, New Zealand


United States

List of US Enterprises » 

Photo: Panorama Cafe, New York, US

European Enterprises

- (Left:) Cosmos-Heart: Cafe in Augsburg, Germany
- Effulgence-Waves: restaurant in Heidelberg, Germany

Working in a Divine enterprise


Pranlobha Kalagian talks about working in a restaurant in Seattle, US.

Articles on Vegetarian Food:

Sri Chinmoy's students follow a vegetarian diet as part of their spiritual discipline, and many of the enterprises are cafes or restaurants that serve vegetarian food. Here are some related links on our sites

Restaurant & Cafe Links:

All of these enterprises are owned and operated by students of Sri Chinmoy, serving tasty food and a peaceful atmosphere to the community around them.