European Peace Run begins in Bulgaria

Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm for the start of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Bulgaria last weekend.

Members of the Peace Run visit a local school

The run, which aims to promote peace and harmony, began it’s 2018 journey from the capital of Bulgaria Sofia.

The Peace Run begins

The start of the run was witnessed by a cross-section of the local community who offered their good wishes to the runners.

The Mayor of Sofia offers her good-wishes to the Peace Run.
The Peace Runners will covers several thousand km and cross several countries before it finishes in Lisbon on 8th Oct. The run continue in all weathers!


The Peace Run Torch
The Peace Run Torch

“No price is too great to pay for inner peace. Peace is the harmonious control of life. It is vibrant with life-energy. It is a power that easily transcends all our worldly knowledge.”

- Sri Chinmoy 1