Readings & Exercises

0621_109.jpgAll readings and exercises are taken from Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction, a collection of hundreds of extemporaneous talks and answers to questions by Sri Chinmoy, given over the past thirty-five years. Interspersed are some of his inspirational poems and aphorisms.

Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction can also be obtained from Heart-Light Distributors, a leading source for the books and music of Sri Chinmoy.

  • In Meditation, read Chapters 5 and 9-11.
  • As always, read these chapters carefully. As you practice meditating on the spiritual heart, they will become more significant.


Before beginning your exercises, be sure you are familiar with Chapter 5 of Meditation. Also, remember to try folding your hands during your meditation, as we described in Week 2.

Recommended Exercises

Chapter 6, exercise 1, page 73 (10-15 min)

  • (5-10 min) Begin your meditation by doing a few breathing exercises from Week 1 and a concentration exercise from Week 2.
  • (5 min) Try meditation exercise 1 on page 73 (“The heart-rose” - the exercise is also listed on the previous page). You may find it helpful to touch the location of your spiritual heart - your heart center - as you do this visualisation.
Optional Exercises

Chapter 6, exercises 1-5, pages 73-75 (10-15 min)

  • (5 min) A variation on exercise 1 is to imagine a small point of golden light deep within your heart. Now imagine the light expanding like a golden mist, slowly filling every part of your being. Like the fragrance of a blossoming flower, this golden light carries the fragrance of your soul - peace, light, joy, and tranquillity - into every part of your being. You can end the exercise when you feel that your entire being is flooded with golden light flowing from your heart.
  • (5 min) If you enjoy the golden light exercise, you can take it even further. Once the golden light has filled your entire being, imagine that the light is flowing out of your body and into the room. Keep expanding your golden light farther and farther, until it has embraced the entire world. As you expand, imagine that your golden light is merging with the light of every other human being on earth. Finally, once you feel that your light has embraced the entire world, imagine that the world itself is actually inside your glowing spiritual heart.
  • (5 min) If you find it difficult to imagine the spiritual heart, you can begin by imagining that you are breathing in and out through a small hole in the center of your chest - your heart center. Breathe in peace, love, joy, energy, vastness, or any other quality you like. After a few minutes you may begin to feel a warm sensation in your heart center.
  • Once you have familiarized yourself with the recommended exercises, later in the week you can try exercises 2 through 5.

To be one of God’s very best,
Always follow the heart-road
And always keep your soul

As your only guide.
- Sri Chinmoy