0705_19.jpgDuring this third week, you will have:

  • Read Chapters 5 and 9-11 of Meditation.
  • Practiced the recommended meditation exercises for at least ten minutes daily - preferably at the same time each day.
  • Logged your practice and your experiences in your journal.

It’s been three weeks since you began. Have you noticed any difference in how smoothly you get through the day? Review the events of the past week. Did situations that used to bother you not affect you as much? Did you generally feel a greater sense of inner peace and poise?

If you have noticed changes in your life, that’s fantastic - especially since you’ve just begun! If you haven’t noticed any changes, don’t worry about it - you’ve just begun! In either case, our advice is the same as always: meditate regularly, meditate sincerely, and have faith that you are making progress.

Do You Want to Change the World?

By now you may have shared your meditation experiences with friends and acquaintances, only to discover that some may not share your enthusiasm. You may even have been told that your desire for self-discovery is “selfish.” Don’t believe it for a second.

If you sincerely want to change the world, you have two choices: you can either try to change everyone else, or you can try to change yourself. Considering that you have far more control and understanding of yourself than you do of others, which approach do you think is the most effective use of your time and energy?

Do you want to change the world?
Then change yourself first.
Do you want to change yourself?
If so, remain completely silent
Inside silence-sea.

- Sri Chinmoy

There’s another reason to change yourself first: you can’t give what you don’t have. Even if you try to give what you don’t have, it will have no power. If someone you think is a thief tells you not to steal, will you listen? Probably not. On the other hand, if someone you believe is a saint asks you not to steal, the purity, humility, and love of the saint will enter into your being and inspire you to lead a better life.

Does this mean you have to achieve sainthood before you can try to help others? Definitely not. If that were the case we couldn’t have created this HomeStudy course! But you don’t have to go out and do anything special to change the world. Just aspire to improve yourself, to bring more and more peace into your being, and to silently offer goodwill to others. This is the most important and most powerful thing you can do to help those around you and the world at large.

Just make tremendous progress
And tremendous improvement
In your own life.
Others will definitely be inspired
By the result.

- Sri Chinmoy