Readings & Exercises

Readings & Exercises

Week 4: Readings & Exercises


All readings and exercises are taken from Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction, a collection of hundreds of extemporaneous talks and answers to questions by Sri Chinmoy, given over the past thirty-five years. Interspersed are some of his inspirational poems and aphorisms.

Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction can also be obtained from Heart-Light Distributors, a leading source for the books and music of Sri Chinmoy.

• In Meditation, read Chapters 8 and 12-16.
• At the end of the week, after you have finished the previous readings, read Chapters 7, 19 and 20.


Before beginning your exercises, please be sure you have read Chapter 8 of Meditation.

Recommended Exercises

• (3-5 min) Begin your meditation by doing a few minutes of mantra. First use the word Aum, as described in “The Essence of Aum” on pages 96-97. Note especially that the ‘M’ sound should be about three times as long as the ‘AU’ sound, and that Aum rhymes with “home.”

• After you have chanted Aum, you may wish to try other mantras as well. Another powerful mantra is the word “Supreme,” a word which invokes the highest reality within us. You might also try “peace,” “shanti” (“peace” in Sanskrit, rhymes with “Monty”), or “gratitude,” as well as reciting some of the poems in this HomeStudy guide.

• (10-15 min) Continue your meditation by doing your meditation exercises from Week 3.

• (1 min) End your meditation by chanting a mantra three times.

Optional Exercises

Chapter 8, “Achieving Overall Purification”, pages 93-95 (10-30 min)

• Once you are comfortable with a particular mantra, you may wish to chant it for longer periods. One particularly powerful method of using mantra in this way is discussed in “Achieving Overall Purification” on pages 93-95.


During this final week, you will have:

• Read Chapters 8 and 12-16 of Meditation.

• Become comfortable with using mantra as a part of your daily meditation.

• Logged your practice and your experiences in your journal.