New Guinness World Record: World's largest crayon

In honour of Sri Chinmoy’s 86th birthday celebrations, Ashrita Furman and a team of volunteers set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest crayon. The giant crayon is 5.22 m with a diameter of 56 cm.


Speaking of the inspiration for this new Guinness World record, Ashrita stated:

“Our teacher came from India to inspire joy in other people. He created thousands of soul bird drawings with crayons in various colours to convey the joy experienced in meditation to others. With tremendous gratitude we are honouring what would be Sri Chinmoy’s 86th birthday with the world's largest crayon.”

Ashrita, manager of a Health Food Store in Queens, New York, holds more than 190 Guinness World records and says the power of meditation and Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of self-transcendence help enable this unique collection of records.


Sri Chinmoy was born 27 August 1931, and many of his students from around the world come to Queens every August to partake in his birthday celebrations. Amongst other activities, Sri Chinmoy was a prolific artist drawing, in his lifetime, nearly 16 million soul bird drawings - a unique style of art which reflect the soul’s aspiration and inner freedom.

Soul Bird

Soul-Bird drawing by Sri Chinmoy.

Photo credit: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.