Oneness-Dream in England

Recently, the Oneness-Dream international group of male singers toured England to offer several concerts at sacred venues across the country. The group, which includes members from 11 different nationalities, perform exclusively the songs of Sri Chinmoy without any instrumental backing. The group was formed in 2011; they seek to offer seekers the unique experience of Sri Chinmoy's songs in a meditative and prayerful environment.

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Oneness-Dream performs in Oxford

Highlights of the tour included a performance at Kings College, Cambridge directly after Evenson, and performances at Ely Cathedral and Wells Cathedral. The songs of Sri Chinmoy touched many in the audiences who were moved by the simplicity and soulfulness of the singing.

Rev. Marcus Braybrooke with Oneness-Dream

At Dorchester Abbey, near Oxford, the concert was attended by the Rev. Marcus Braybrooke, a long-time friend of Sri Chinmoy who shared his dream of interfaith oneness. In 2003, Sri Chinmoy honoured him with the Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart award at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. After the concert, he generously appreciated the singers for their soulful songs and for continuing Sri Chinmoy's work of offering peace and goodwill around the world.

Oneness-Dream in Bristol.

Towards the end of the tour, the group visited Bristol where they performed in the open air and recorded several songs for a future album.


Photos top and bottom: Kedar