Our newest divine enterprises open (with not-great timing)

Sri Chinmoy would sometimes encourage students of his to open divine enterprises, if he saw they had the capability to do so. These enterprises are often restaurants or coffee shops, and allows Sri Chinmoy's students to put their spirituality into action, by seeing the Divine inside each customer.

Two new divine enterprises opened recently in Europe - the timing has not been great to say the least, but the owners are taking it as a spiritual experience that they can learn valuable life-lessons from.


Amsterdam, Holland

The owner of Heart-Garden Abhinabha from Holland shared some of his experiences during this turbulent time:

I had just bought a restaurant in Amsterdam, a waffle house, which I called Heart-Garden as a dedication to Sri Chinmoy, who had coined the term and used it often in his writings.

Before signing the contract, I had spent hours poring over annual turnover figures, discussing the deal with friends who were experienced restaurant owners and hiring lawyers and real estate agents to help me negotiate the best possible terms for the contract.

Needless to say, none of them had foreseen the coronavirus....

You can read the story in its entirety on our new Story-Gems website

Joy Cafe

Skopje Macedonia

Joy Cafe is a new coffee house that serves only the best of everything. It is beautifully decorated with Sri Chinmoy's artwork.