Seeking Perfect Health - New book

 Perfect Health is a new book which compiles the writings of Sri Chinmoy on the subject of health.

perfect healthPerfect Health looks at the important subject of health from a spiritual perspective. In particular, Sri Chinmoy mentions how our state of mind can have an influence on our body and mental health. This book includes a question and answer section, where Sri Chinmoy advises on practical steps that readers can take to improve their overall health and well-being

Topics include

  • How to deal with stress and depression.
  • The link between health and karma.
  • How to maintain healthy weight.
  • How to get the best night’s sleep.

Link between health and meditation.

This book will be relevant to anyone who is interested in a spiritual perspective on life and good health. It gives an insight into how we can cultivate our life energy, peace of mind and live more in harmony with our body, environment. Sri Chinmoy's book will inspire us to gain more satisfaction from looking after and appreciating our health. 

“It is one thing to have good health and another thing to deliberately maintain good health. Unless you are consciously keeping good health, at any moment you may be attacked by some forces. It is like having a large amount of money without knowing about it. If you are not conscious of it, you may easily lose it.”1