Sri Chinmoy Singers offer songs in Honour of Martin Luther King

Recently Sri Chinmoy's students sang a special performance of Martin Luther King's words set to music by Sri Chinmoy. The occasion was the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King on 15 January. In 1977, Sri Chinmoy and Coretta Scott King took part in a programme to honour Martin Luther King's Memory at the United Nations, where these songs were first sung.
Sri Chinmoy Centre choir, New York.

1977 Ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr.

On 29th November 1977, Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditations at the United Nations sponsored a programme to honour the memory and life of Martin Luther King Jr. at the United Nations. Mrs King was the guest of honour and keynote speaker for the 10th anniversary of her husband's assassination. King-Coretta_king-sri-chinmoy Sri Chinmoy opened the programme with a short meditation.

At the event, Sri Chinmoy also spoke about Martin Luther King saying:

"Martin Luther King, beloved king of the heart-world, unhorizoned vision of the mind-world, hero-warrior of the vital-world, life sacrificer of the body-world, to you my aspiration dedication-life bows.
The Saviour-Son gave humanity the lesson of compassion and forgiveness. India’s Mahatma Gandhi, with his message of non-violence, proved to be an excellent student. In America, the Absolute Supreme chose you to be His unparalleled student, to love divinely the soul of His creation and to serve unreservedly the body of His creation.
We, the members of the Meditation Group at the UN, bow to you lovingly, devotedly and soulfully."

- Sri Chinmoy, [Excerpt from: "Martin Luther King: Humanity's Aspiration-Hero". Printed in a bulletin of the United Nations Meditation Group, 29 November 1977] Sri Chinmoy said of Mrs. King "In you I see the living presence of our beloved brother."

In a time of worldwide division, Martin Luther King's words “I Have a Dream” set to music becomes a song of hope, unity and promise.

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