Sri Chinmoy statue in Prague

Sri Chinmoy Statue Prague


This statue of Sri Chinmoy is located on the banks of the river Vltava in Prague. The statue of Sri Chinmoy was created by British sculptor, Kaivalya Torpy and was dedicated in a ceremony during October 2009.

Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to the promotion of peace. He founded the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run and offered over 700 Peace Concerts around the world.

“Peace is something spontaneous; it is something that unites us. Peace is something that we have to spread. But unless and until we have peace deep within us, we can never hope to have peace in the outer world.”
- Sri Chinmoy 1

The sculptor Kaivalya Torpy said at the ceremony that he

"Hoped the statue would stand as a symbol of peace and harmony, and inspire the next generation of peace lovers."

Kaivalya Torpy has made stautes of Raisa Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela. He has also made several statues of Sri Chinmoy, which are located in a variety of places around the world, including Seattle, Matzalan,  Puerto Rico and outside the parliament of Timor Leste.



Left. Sculptor Kaivalya Torpy next to statue.

Right. At the opening ceremony for the Statue of Sri Chinmoy.



Sri Chinmoy Statue in News

During the devastating floods of June 2013, many newspapers captured the statue of Sri Chinmoy during different stages of the flood, which saw the flood waters rise to partially submerge the statue. The image of the statue creeping out of the flood water was widely seen as a symbolic moment of these troubled times.


Photos: Czech Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries