Sri Chinmoy's books in multiple languages

For some of Sri Chinmoy's students who live in non-English-language countries, translating his books (and immersing themselves in the deep meditative writings of a spiritual Master)  is a very satisfying part of their spiritual life. Sri Chinmoy's books have been released in over 20 languages.

The Czech translation of 'Wisdom of the Soul' and 'Colour Kingdom' were published in 2021

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Many of Sri Chinmoy's books in Czech are beautifully designed by the Madal Bal studio in Prague. Some of these designs eventually find their way to the English version.

In the Czech republic and Slovakia, you can see billboards promoting the books and also sharing Sri Chinmoy's beautiful writings with the public.


The Italian Centre has recently become a prolific distributor of Sri Chinmoy's works in Italian, this year alone new editions of Sri Chinmoy's meditation book, and his book of commentaries on the Indian scriptures have been released.

In addition, they have also published box-sets of cards containing Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms, which are extremely popular all over the world.


This is a sweet story. Gesiane from our São Paolo Centre was participating in a local 24 hour race, and she had the idea to ask the organisers if she could give each of the runners a copy of Sri Chinmoy's The Adventure of Life to put in their gift bag.

Many of the runners really treasured the gift, and the book ended up being promoted quite widely on social media as a result. Many of our Sri Chinmoy Centre projects start from small simple ideas, just like this one.