Sri Chinmoy's paintings exhibited in Kyiv

Sri Chinmoy's original Jharna Kala artworks were displayed during January-February 2020 in two well-known exhibition halls in Kyiv, Ukraine, and attracted over 2,000 visitors.

The opening night of the exhibition in the Ukrainian House of Actors - considered to be one of the most remarkable monuments of architecture and artwork in Ukraine - featured a performance by the “Inner Journey” musical group; a cleverly created literary and musical composition with elements of meditative practice.

An extremely wonderful concert of the “Inner Journey” group was held in the House of Actors’ on Tuesday, February 28th. Sri Chinmoy said that when you give the world what you have the best, the best will come to you. This was strongly felt at the event. People, who entered the hall before the concert being tired and anxious, came out of the hall with shining eyes and happy smiles being very much inspired. We are very grateful!”

Evelina Beketova
Executive, Ukrainian House of Actors

Sri Chinmoy composed over 140,000 of these mystical artworks. He gave them the name Jharna-Kala, which means 'Fountain-art' in his native Bengali language - art which flows from the divine source inside each of us.