Tributes to Sri Chinmoy

Tributes from Sri Chinmoy's students and friends

Tribute to Sri Chinmoy - (essay) by M.

"...Everything he fulfilled, fulfilled, fulfilled. Those things left undone were undone only because there was no receptivity on earth. Never did he fail to make a valiant effort to accomplish something for his beloved Lord Supreme, and for humanity. Now it will take literally hundreds of years for humanity to catch up to his speed, his vision. How can I mourn when I was given the great privilege to be among the first generation to witness his incredible sacrifice?..."


Farewell Sri Chinmoy by Sumangali Morhall

"...As soon as I step inside, I know he is still here. The tangible sense of peace from his meditative presence still pervades Aspiration-Ground like an indelible fragrance. His voice still singing gently over the loud speakers as if he were just composing a new song..."

Guru, Our Guru, Our Eternal Guru by Animesh Harrington

"Guru always belonged to the infinite – we knew that. But it was on this day he chose to pass behind the curtain of eternity for the last time. The temporal world, which he commanded with such divine authority, could hold him no longer. He was a son of the eternal who, for a time, took on the veil of mortality in order to teach us how to reach for the infinite..."


Sri Chinmoy — Inspiration behind My Photography by Prashputita A. Greco

"..Sri Chinmoy gave me the challenge and the impetus to continue studying photography and bettering my previous results...I shall remain eternally grateful for the blessingful opportunities which were given me in helping to document some of this remarkable human being’s activities and accomplishments..."


Tribute to Sri Chinmoy - by Rathin Boulton

"...Sri Chinmoy has left us with is his personal example of how to lead a full, complete, and integral life, one that encompasses the fathomless inner depths of the soul, as well as the outer, physical existence...."


Gratitude to Sri Chinmoy - by Noivedya Juddery

"...Even in his final weeks – I last saw him early in September – he was active, still demonstrating humanity's unlimited power. Had he not been taken from us, of course, he would still have done more – writing poetry, lifting incredible weights, drawing Soul-Birds, playing meditative music, or simply showing his love for the world through his supreme meditation..."


A Tribute to Sri Chinmoy by Christopher Willis

"...Sri Chinmoy achieved the unachievable, yet with the same humility of starlight that has travelled unsullied across galaxies and solar systems. He carried a message from the heavens and was inexhaustible in his determination, offering light unconditionally, without expectation, a beacon of hope shining brightly through the tethers of world ignorance..."


A Tribute to My Guru - by Utthal Tindel

"...To me death is a cruel hoax – a sham and an illusion. “Oh death where art thy dominion?” It certainly has nothing to do with the imperishable and magnificent spirit which was, is and shall eternally remain Sri Chinmoy, the most humble and self-giving being who ever graced this earth – and my most beloved Guru...."


My Journey with Sri Chinmoy - by Kedar Misani

"...When I attended a lecture by one of Sri Chinmoy's students on October 27, 1978 together with my wife, I could not imagine what impact this first contact would bring into my life. I can only witness that my relationship with Sri Chinmoy became stronger and deeper from year to year..."


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