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"When we play soulful music, psychic music, then immediately we are transported to the highest realm of consciousness. When we play music soulfully, we go high, higher, highest. Each time soulful music is played, we get inspiration and delight. In the twinkling of an eye, music can elevate our consciousness."

- Sri Chinmoy 1

For Sri Chinmoy, music was a form of inner communion with the Highest that everyone could relate to. During his lifetime, he composed over 22,000 soulful songs and gave over 700 free concerts of music all over the world. Read more about Sri Chinmoy's concerts »

Music as meditation

Music is an indispensable part of the spiritual life of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, and our individual daily and group Centre meditations are considerably enriched by singing songs from the huge repertoire Sri Chinmoy composed over the years.

Every April and August, Sri Chinmoy's students would visit him in New York - he encouraged us to share musical and orchestral performances of his songs as part of the meditations that took place, and often gave detailed guidance on how to get the most out of the songs in terms of soulfulness and perfection. He would often spontaneously compose songs and teach them to his students in the traditional Indian fashion, singing them and listening as they were sung back to him.

Many Sri Chinmoy Centres all around the world organise concerts of meditative music for the general public, in a wide variety of formats, from instrumental duets to large orchestral performances. The concerts are always given free of charge.

Songs of the Soul

songs of soulIn April 2008, a series of concerts called Songs of the Soul began as a tribute to Sri Chinmoy's musical legacy. These concerts feature a variety of different performances in both Eastern and Western style, and occasionally feature guest musicians.  Find out more on


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