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In over 50 countries around the world, the Sri Chinmoy Centre serves the community by giving free meditation classes, concerts, athletic and cultural events with the aim of uplifting the human spirit. Read more »

Sri Chinmoy

The Centre draws its inspiration from our teacher, Sri Chinmoy, whose life was an expression of the unbounded potential we all have within ourselves. Read more »


Meditation is a core part of our lives, and the Centre organises free meditation classes in over 50 countries around the world. Read more »

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Sri Chinmoy's students come from all walks of life, and aim to combine a deep and rich inner life of meditation, with a dynamic outer life where they can serve the world.  Read more »

Free meditation classes

Sri Chinmoy believed that inner peace and happiness was everyone's birthright, so at his request we offer free meditation classes in over 300 cities.

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Our service

Besides being a home for its members to meet for meditation and spiritual activity, the Sri Chinmoy Centre also serves the wider world in many ways.

concerts.jpgMusic & Concerts

Soulful music is one of the easiest paths to inner peace; we give many concerts including the international Songs of the Soul series. More...

sports.jpgSport & Athletics

Many of Sri Chinmoy's students love to challenge themselves through athletics, and organise athletic events for the public. More...


In many cities, Sri Chinmoy's students have opened up restaurants, cafes and other enterprises - oases of peace in a busy world. More...

whr.jpgRunning for Peace

A torch relay founded by Sri Chinmoy that travels to over 80 countries spreading the message of peace and oneness. More...

ohts.jpgHumanitarian Service

As part of the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles initiative, we partner with other groups to serve people in less advantaged countries. More....

Around the world

Visit some of our 200 member websites and read about their spiritual experiences, stories and insights…

15 July 2014

Temple Song Hearts in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Between June 4-8, Temple Song Hearts gave a concert tour of Sri Chinmoy’s music in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2 July 2014

Tapovan Sri Chinmoy Peace Park

Recently, members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visited Tapovan to take part in a ceremony dedicating the park to Sri Chinmoy and his everlasting message of peace.

Suprabha holds the unique distinction of completing the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence race - the world's longest certified road race - 13 years in a row.

Sadanand Magee

Dublin, IE

Sadanand plays all kinds of percussion instruments, especially the Indian tablas. He travels to more than 15 countries a year to play meditative music, mainly as part of the Songs of the Soul concert series.

Source: Radio Sri Chinmoy

A live performance in Aveiro, Portugal in 2010, alongside Kanala Auer from Vienna on sitar.

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Inspiration Letters 19

by Mahiruha Klein from Chicago, US

Time Issue: Lately I’ve been visiting some friends in Florida.  The beaches here are white, and I don’t know the names of most of the birds. 

All Part of the Service

by Noivedya Juddery from Canberra, AU

What can humanitarian service achieve? With faith and dedication, it can achieve almost anything.

A Seeker's Directness

by Sumangali Morhall from York, GB

A young man came up to me before a meditation class a while ago, asking very direct questions. I admire and enjoy directness; it's refreshing.

Padmasini Guillet

Se ressourcer

by Padmasini Guillet from Montpellier, FR




by Lotika from Moscow, RU


Ashish Zubaty

Koncert v New Yorku

by Ashish Zubaty from Zlin, CZ

Koncert Songs of the Soul (15. duben 2014)


A periodical collection of reflective essays contributed by Sri Chinmoy's students, each exploring a different theme. View some of our recent editions...

Stories by our members

  • the spiritual search that led us to the Sri Chinmoy Centre
  • Inner growth and fulfillment on our path of self discovery
  • Profound experiences with our teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

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