Completion of 2018 Peace Run

Recently, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run completed its journey for 2018. The European Peace Run began back in Sofia Bulgaria in February. Not even heavy snowfalls could dampen the enthusiasm of those who set off on their 24,000km journey. Between March and October, the team of volunteers covered over 24,000km. A distance which included visiting 40 different European countries.

During the months on the road, the team of runners got to meet a cross-section of society - from schoolchildren to leading government officials. Whoever they met, they shared a simple message of peace and harmony and invited people to participate with their own contribution to creating a better world.

During the closing week in Portugal, the team received a fitting send-off from enthusiastic locals in Lisbon.

In addition to the European section of the Peace Run, there have also been Peace Runs in all the major continents including Asia, Africa, Australasia and America. Each team contributing to a global effort to share the idea of a oneness-world.

"Today’s chaotic world cannot forever remain chaotic. World harmony, world peace: these are not mere dictionary words. These are the realities, divine and supreme realities. For all of us who are aspiring to become good citizens of the world, our Harmony Run is a supremely important inspiration to us all."

- Sri Chinmoy, June 2005

The Experience of being on the Peace Run


Nikolaus Drekonja was on the whole of the North American Peace Run travelling across the US and Canada. The several months of being out on the road was a life-affirming and life-changing experience. In this short video, Nikolaus shares some of the experiences of being on the Run.