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8 October

Commemorating 50 years of service to the UN

In 1970, with the blessing of then Secretary-General U Thant, Sri Chinmoy began meditations at the United Nations building in New York, and he devotedly continued this service for 37 years until his passing in 2007.

I am extremely fortunate to be blessed by the soul and the heart of the United Nations. Long thirty-four years ago, U Thant, the third Secretary-General, made a request to me to offer my prayerful service to the United Nations. Since then, every Tuesday and Friday I have been going to the United Nations to offer prayers and meditations. All the diplomats, delegates and staff are welcome to take part. We have a well-established Meditation Group at the UN Headquarters to love and serve the United Nations: the Body of the World and the Soul of the World.

Sri Chinmoy

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The programme, Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, still has an active series of meditations. To commemorate 50 years of service, the group recently released a commemorative booklet with excerpts from 50 talks that Sri Chinmoy gave at the UN building.

The group also regularly participates in programmes to celebrate other UN events and days, such as the International Day of Happiness and International Day of Peace . Recently, they have also relaunched their Seven Minutes for World Peace programe, which Sri Chinmoy initiated in 1984.

The Peace Meditation choir with the Rabab Fatima, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN, at a programme to celebrate UN International Mother language day

Recently, they have been working on a website detailing the group's work, and their extensive activities over many decades.

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18 September

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2020

On 13 September 2020, the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race began in Salzburg Austria, with five intrepid runners from Italy, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia taking to the start line.

Over the next seven weeks, the runners will endeavour to complete the epic challenge of running 3,100 miles (just shy of 5,000km) which means they must maintain an average of 60 miles ( 96 km) a day.

Runners at the startline
Runners have a moment of silence at the startline at 6am
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For the past 23 years, the race has been run in Jamaica, Queens, New York. However, it was clearly not possible to run the race this year in New York as usual. But many runners and race supporters were keen to maintain this special annual race, and so finally (after exploring courses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) a venue has been found in Salzburg, Austria. The race field has been limited to five runners and will strictly adhere to local health standards to ensure the safety of runners and helpers.

Race counters

The race was founded by spiritual teacher and ultra-runner pioneer Sri Chinmoy, who saw distance running as a vehicle to enable runners to bring to the fore their physical, mental and spiritual capacities to complete this unique challenge. This year will mark the 24th edition of the race.

“We have to believe in a higher Power.   
Only by believing in a higher Power   
Can we go beyond and beyond   
Our limited, human capacity.”

    – Sri Chinmoy

In this year's race, these are the five runners:

  • Nirbhasa Magee, 41 (IRL), living in Reykjavik, Iceland - 3 finishes, ranked 22nd
  • Ananda-Lahari Zuscin, 45, Kosice Slovakia - 6 finishes, ranked 25th
  • Ushika Muckenhumer, 52, Salzburg, Austria - 1 finish, ranked 30th
  • Andrea Marcato, 38 (ITA), living in Zurich, Switzerland - first-time runner, two times over 1000km in 10 day race
  • Milan Javornicky, 46, Celakocice, CZE  - first-time runner, 569 miles in ten-day race

Over the next two months, you will be able to follow the race through photos, videos and race reports. Definitely we welcome visitors trackside, so if you are in the area (or if it's safe to travel) please come and stop by! We hope you will be inspired by the efforts and inspiration of the runners in this race. Race Director Rupantar Larosso who lives in NY, US said on the eve of the race "It is great the race is going ahead and I wish all the runners and supporters the best of  luck"

31 August

Canvas for Peace honoured in Italy

The Canvas for Peace is a unique 160-meter long patchwork of artwork created by a wide variety of local people and community groups in Palermo, Italy. Recently, the canvas was accepted by the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella as a token of peace, friendship and unity.

Canvas for Peace during Palermo Peace Parade 2019.

The Canvas was paraded through the streets of  Palermo as part of the Peace Weeek. The artists shared aphorisms on peace by Sri Chinmoy and their own artistic interpretation of their hopes and dreams for a more peaceful world.

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Canvas for Peace

May each and every
Human being on earth
Pray for a universal peace-torch.

Sri Chinmoy

The Peace Week in Palermo included many activities broadly based around the hopes and aspirations for a more peaceful world - it included events from art exhibitions to concerts and running events. A team of runners from the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace run also took part and were deeply moved by the warm and enthusiastic reception of the local community.

Runners from the Peace Run (2019)

In 2020, large scale events have been more difficult to organise, but those who participated in this memorable week are keen to keep the spirit and hopes of that event alive. Whilst large gatherings are difficult this year, we can still each, in our own way make a contribution to a better world. This year, the Peace Run has continued with small scale runs where possible and individual runners making their own efforts to keep the flame of peace going.

In this respect, the Peace Run team are most grateful that this banner has been accepted as a token of appreciation by the President of Italy.

17 August

Drawings of Love and Gratitude

The Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles service was established by Sri Chinmoy in 1993. This project grew from an initial heartfelt request from Sri Chinmoy's dear friends, President Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa, for help with the first modern hospital in Russia for children with leukaemia and other haematological diseases.

Now the humanitarian project is involved in over 40 countries, and shares not only medical and material supplies, but also has come up with many unique ways projects to share joy, concern and across borders.

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Drawings of Love and Gratitude

Doctors and nurses who are working in challenging conditions often mention the need on their units for more hope, especially, but also for courage, strength, endurance and cheerfulness – for the medical staff as well as the patients.


In addition, children have also found dealing with the fear and isolation particularly challenging. One way to help them deal with these feelings is to show them a way in which they can help. In these challenging times, we decided to collect children’s drawings to support our doctors and medical staff. Doctors and nurses often cite the need for more hope, courage, strength, endurance and cheerfulness - both for themselves and their patients.

In cooperation with the city officials of Nur-Sultan (the capital city of Kazakhstan) over 40 posters were placed in bus stops around the city with these drawings and Sri Chinmoy’s inspiring and encouraging poems.

Another example of this kind of cooperation is the Russian city of Stavropol, where we placed similar posters in city parks.

8 August

A fun interview with our Guinness World record holder Ashrita

Ashrita Furman became a student of Sri Chinmoy when he was just 16 years old, and has now been practising meditation for over 50 years.  In 1979, he started using the power of meditation and concentration to break Guinness World Records. Since then he has broken over 800 world records, 200 of which still stand - he holds more records than anyone else on earth.

Ashrita sets the record for longest distance balancing a baseball bat
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This is a light-hearted interview with a local news station where you can see Ashrita attempt some records in his back garden....



17 July

A simple humble way to make a difference

Some of Sri Chinmoy's students are doctors and nurses, and we often hear how hospital staff are searching for more courage, strength, endurance and cheerfulness – for the medical staff as well as the patients. So we tried to do our part in our own small way.

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Food delivery

When the pandemic was at its worst in New York, some of Sri Chinmoy's students donated money so that our local New York restaurants - Annam Brahma and Smile of the Beyond - could send 15-25 meals to Queens Hospital each day.

The nursing director and also the administrative the director of the emergency ward called every day, in spite of their intense schedule, to express their gratitude on behalf of the emergency room staff. Many did not have time to go to the cafeteria to get food. Often we would tape one of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms taped onto the mealbox: they said the first time the staff received it and read the aphorism, it was the first time they had seen a smile on their faces.

The restaurant Pranaya in Zlín, Czech Republic also had a very nice experience for a few months sending food for local hospital workers.

Banners of hope

Through our Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles service, we are trying some simple humble ways to make a difference. For example, we have prepared banners and posters of different sizes with haiku-like positive affirmations on such topics as Hope, Endurance, Cheerfulness, Positive thoughts, Courage, Compassion, Kindness – all of a universal nature.

One series of posters can be put side by side for a rainbow effect

Hospitals in Italy

In March, at the height of the spread of Covid-19 in Italy, a message of hope spread throughout the country: “Andrà tutto bene”, meaning “Everything will be alright”. Laura Alongi, our co-ordinator, discovered a poem by Sri Chinmoy that included the English phrase, and created the banner shown here. Banners like these were placed in hospitals all over Italy.

Kind remarks

Some of the remarks we have heard from these posters....

    “Are these for us? Oh…then you love us.
    “It’s just the right message for me”
    “I’m waiting for this message”
    “They are so powerful, I will frame them”
    “It did me a lot of good, Doctor, you cannot understand what they meant to me”

One person applauded spontaneously after reading them. The poems appreciated most by customers were those about hope, smiling, and endurance.

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11 May

The spirit of the Peace Run continues

During 2020, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was scheduled to run across the European continent starting in Portugal and finishing in Prague, the Czech Republic in October, but recent events have made this not possible. However, whilst staying in their respective towns and countries, members of the Peace Run have been eager to keep alive the spirit of the Peace Run, by continuing to run on their own, and dedicate these runs to the same cause of peace and upliftment of the human spirit.

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Lone runner
Map of 'virtual' run

In this spirit, the Peace Run has welcomed runners to commit to a daily mileage so that each week, the 'virtual' team can target a particular mileage of between 60-160km a day. The idea is that, although physically we may be separated, we can still seek to maintain an inner connection and keep alive the universal dream of bringing together humanity in a spirit of friendship and peace.

“Peace does not mean the absence of war, peace means the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness. Peace means a flood of love in the world family.”

– Sri Chinmoy

The Sri Chinmoy Peace Run - photo from 2018.

This 'virtual' Peace Run is open to anyone who would like to join in the simple aim of dedicating some of their weekly running to the spirit of peace. Before beginning their run, participants from the virtual peace run have briefly meditated on the concept and feeling of peace as a way to make their individual runs meaningful to this wider goal.

“Our soul lives in Peace and lives for Peace. If we live a life of peace, we are ever enriched and never impoverished. Unhorizoned is our inner peace; like the boundless sky, it encompasses all.”

- Sri Chinmoy


In the first week of the Peace Run, the team have completed a total of 511 km, which is equivalent of running from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina - to Struga on the border of Albania and North Macedonia. The local organiser for Bosnia, Amur gave this enthusiastic report.

"It is like dream come true even if it is Virtual Peace Run. We had two groups of local runners in Sarajevo and Banjaluka united with the same idea to run for peace. Cities were closed during some periods of the day but we found the way by sharing the distance among us and running whenever possible. We could not run in groups because of social distancing regulations but it did not change our feeling that we did something together for the cause of Peace".


The Run team is usually a global, international team of runners, so for the 'virtual' Balkan leg, runners from afar afield as Australia, Britain and Germany have participated - offering their individual runs to the total km. Tirtha from Germany felt that dedicating the run to peace was a significant way to feel the inner presence of peace.

"As we don’t have a torch here, I took a tulip, symbolic of a torch, to meditate on Peace on the anniversary on April 27th. Especially on that first day, I really felt a little glowing light inside my heart while I ran. I even thought, that people, whom I met on the way, must have seen it, too. It gave me so much joy".


Stacey from New Zealand has been running through an early Australian winter, but despite the cold, she felt the powerful memories from her previous Peace Runs inspired her individual runs.

"The weather was all over the place this week, wet, windy, sunny and always cold! The sound of rain on the roof and heavy winds, or the feel of your cold nose and hands as you prepare to leave the house makes it not so enticing to step out the door. But it was the memories of all of the Peace Run's over the last few years, the warm hearted people we met, the hope and promise you feel for this world of ours as you carry the Peace Torch, that helped me to take the first step each and every day."

Although our current situation is very challenging, it also brings a renewed focus on what is important to value and cherish. The virtual Peace Run is a reminder that - wherever we are and in whatever situation we find ourself, we can still make a very meaningful contribution to creating a better world, where we value peace, friendship and offering goodwill to others.

Photo from 2019
Offering good will on the road (photo from 2019)
Runners in Sarajevo
Picture from 2018


27 April

Our newest divine enterprises open (with not-great timing)

Sri Chinmoy would sometimes encourage students of his to open divine enterprises, if he saw they had the capability to do so. These enterprises are often restaurants or coffee shops, and allows Sri Chinmoy's students to put their spirituality into action, by seeing the Divine inside each customer.

Two new divine enterprises opened recently in Europe - the timing has not been great to say the least, but the owners are taking it as a spiritual experience that they can learn valuable life-lessons from.

Full story


Amsterdam, Holland

The owner of Heart-Garden Abhinabha from Holland shared some of his experiences during this turbulent time:

I had just bought a restaurant in Amsterdam, a waffle house, which I called Heart-Garden as a dedication to Sri Chinmoy, who had coined the term and used it often in his writings.

Before signing the contract, I had spent hours poring over annual turnover figures, discussing the deal with friends who were experienced restaurant owners and hiring lawyers and real estate agents to help me negotiate the best possible terms for the contract.

Needless to say, none of them had foreseen the coronavirus....

You can read the story in its entirety on our new Story-Gems website

Joy Cafe

Skopje Macedonia

Joy Cafe is a new coffee house that serves only the best of everything. It is beautifully decorated with Sri Chinmoy's artwork.


4 April

Finding joy in life at home

Many of us around the world are finding ourselves in the unusual situation of being confined to our homes. When we are confined to our place of residence, it can remind us how much we miss meeting friends, enjoying the freedom of nature - we can even start to miss our work environment and the chance to speak to colleagues. However, whilst we live through this challenging situation, there are a few things we can consider to make the most of the situation.

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Routine. If we are not used to being fixed in one place, it can be daunting to have 16 hours to fill. The best way around this is to create a routine, with hour slots for things like exercise, work, study, reading, entertainment, meals. Having a fixed routine helps to avoid falling into a trap of passively looking at screens to pass the time. It can also give a sense of accomplishment if we do our work for a few hours in the morning, we can feel like we deserve some relaxation. Another part of a good routine is to do something different at the weekend - have a day of doing something very different.

Exercise routine. An essential part of any daily routine is having exercise. This can be anything you are able to do. If you are allowed out for one piece of exercise, you will appreciate even more the opportunity to run. Sri Chinmoy encouraged running as an excellent complement to meditation and the inner life. Running helps to clear the mind and cultivate a sense of dynamism.

“In the morning if we can energise ourselves with physical activities, then we can accomplish so many things during the rest of the day. That is why I say sports and physical fitness are of supreme importance. If we neglect the physical and let the body become weak, then the mind also becomes weak.” – Sri Chinmoy

If we are regular, we will feel better for giving the body much-needed exercise. If running is not possible, we can definitely be inventive with home exercise routines, even in the smallest of spaces. There are 650 muscles in the body, try to give them all a workout!

Meditation. If you have never tried meditation before, now is a great opportunity, in that it will be much easier to find time. The best is to choose a fixed time - a time when it will be quieter in the house like early morning is excellent. Generally, it is best to learn to meditate from meeting like-minded people who can offer guidance and meditate in a group. But, since that is not possible at the moment, you can still do your best to learn on your own. Don't worry about how good you are at keeping the mind still. The most important thing is to cultivate the inner hunger and feel meditation can really change your life for the better. We have a home meditation course here.

Singing. It is always good to try something new. Singing can be an excellent way to lift our spirits. Here there are some simple meditation mantras. If you can get into the flow of the mantras you will find you can gain the benefits of meditation without having to worry about quietening the mind so much.

Dealing with stress. This can be a stressful time. We may worry about the health of our friends and relatives, and we may have worries about our own financial situation. For many of us, life has been turned upon its head. Rather than filling our minds with worry and concern, it is better to spend that time offering our goodwill and prayers to our friends and family. When we worry, we only offer a negative energy. Instead of worrying, we can use the same time and energy to offer our concern and best wishes to those around us. This will give a sense of doing something in a positive spirit.

Do you want to be always happy?
Then give up fighting
For negativity
And learn the beautiful art
Of self-encouragement.

Sri Chinmoy

Learn to switch off In these times, we do need to keep up with what is happening in our society, but we don't need to become news addicts, checking our phone several times through the day. Once or twice is best. Avoid scrolling through news feeds and social media - especially first thing in the morning and late at night. If we are filled with anxiety, watching the news or spending too much time reading things online can exacerbate these worries.

Read something new. Many of us are now working online. We work on a computer and we then relax by watching a screen. By the end of our day our eyes can get tired and our head a little fuzzy. Reading a good book is an excellent way to enter another world and escape the world of computers and phones.

Speak to friends. We are social beings, if we are isolated, it is even more important to keep in contact with friends. Sri Chinmoy was a great advocate of speaking on the phone and not relying on impersonal electronic communication. He observed that when we send texts and emails, it only touches the mind of the other person. But, if we speak to a person, we can bring our and their hearts to the fore. It is a good discipline to get in the habit of ringing one friend per day, and seeing how they are getting on. It will give more inspiration than just sending a text.


  • From the Front lines at Scottish Poetry Library - Janaka Alan Spence a member of the Edinburgh Sri Chinmoy Centre gives his thoughts on living in lockdown and how he makes use of more time for meditation and singing.
  • Home meditation course at Sri Chinmoy
24 March

Meditation at home

Many people around the world are finding themselves in the unusual situation of having to stay indoors for prolonged periods. One effective approach to this challenging situation is taking the time to learn and practise meditation. Meditation is very effective for helping to cultivate inner peace and happiness - the most powerful antidote to dealing with the stress and anxiety of outer turmoil.

Full story

Students of Sri Chinmoy give free meditation classes all around the world, but at the moment most of these have temporarily been put on hold. Although it is best to learn meditation in person, we can always try to make the best of the situation we face. Hopefully, the pages on this site may offer a start to your meditation journey.

“When we meditate, we make our mind calm, quiet, vacant and tranquil, and we receive Light from above in infinite measure.”

Sri Chinmoy

How to get started

If you would like to get started with meditation, there is an introductory page on meditation here.

There is also a Meditation home study programme here.

The most important thing is to try and schedule a time for your meditation - either in the morning or evening. A good routine which might combine exercise, reading, meditation, leisure can be a good strategy for dealing with living from one place.

The great thing about meditation is that it is not complicated or need a lot of preparation. We can start right away - just find a comfortable place to sit still for 15 minutes and begin.

On this site, we have quite a few resources which will enable you to get started. These include

  • What you need to get started with meditation
  • Some simple but effective meditation exercises
  • Music for meditation
  • How to stay inspired and make meditation a regular part of your life
  • Mantras and chants

Further reading

16 March

Notes from a concert

These notes were written by Mare from the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Skopje, Macedonia, during a visit by the the Swiss music group Mountain Silence.

Full story

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
Our meditation night

The last of the disciples are arriving at the centre.
While everyone carries different things with them such as enthusiasm, the aspiration for change and growth, the wish to be happy - tonight they have a thread that binds them all together, and that is gratitude. Everyone is grateful that Mountain Silence have arrived here in Skopje and brought with them the enchanting magical silence. It is this silence, with the scent of tranquility that casts off any doubts that there are shortcomings in the preparations for the concert announced for March 6th. This silence alone whispers to us that all will be well, that every disciple will offer their best in their own way.

Thursday, March 5th, 2020.
Rehearsal day before the concert, which is titled as “Children's Voices for Peace”. Mountain Silence will be joined by a choir of children.

A day filled with children, pure and spontaneous and being in peace, living in love - and the girls from the group; shining jewels in the inner and outer world! The two worlds met. One are already living and growing through our Guru's magical music, and the others that have recognised this magic with great ease.
Ones that are going through a conscious process of evolution, which teaches them humility, deep peace and acceptance, and others more or less aware, but which have joyfully turned prayerful music into pure childlike cry for peace.

Friday, March 6th, 2020 - 8pm.
The concert has begun. It is all silence. Extremely deep silence. This time, the silence speaks through music. It awakens the primordial in the souls, the urge to be closer to the Divine.

Guru's music gave the feeling of being in peace, strong and filled with love, but at the same time gentle and soothing.
The call was clear - Let us become humble students of peace, as was Sri Chinmoy so fond of being remembered.
Let us all pulse together tonight as one big and divine childlike heart, in the rhythm of peace and love that springs from our souls.
The expression on the faces of the audience, clearly stated that they had experienced peace in a new and a magical way, and that the same magic would consciously or unconsciously become an intimate but real ocean of peace in their everyday lives.

March 16th, 2020

10 March

New meditation book

Blue Beyond Books in the UK is releasing the second in their Sri Chinmoy Meditation Series. This book brings together two of Sri Chinmoy's celebrated volumes from the 1970's in a beautiful, compact edition.

Full story

Around this time was Sri Chinmoy was giving many lectures universities around the wold. After the lectures and at other occasions, he would often answer questions from sincere seekers of truth. So we are fortunate to have a very wide range of questions about meditation, including the meaning of different meditation experiences, how to make meditation practical and the intrinsic value of meditation. His answers have helped people from all backgrounds to learn how to meditate, to make a regular meditation practice a part of their lifestyle, and to constantly make progress in their meditation.

You can find out more at the Blue Beyond Books website

7 March

Sri Chinmoy's paintings exhibited in Kyiv

Sri Chinmoy's original Jharna Kala artworks were displayed during January-February 2020 in two well-known exhibition halls in Kyiv, Ukraine, and attracted over 2,000 visitors.

The opening night of the exhibition in the Ukrainian House of Actors - considered to be one of the most remarkable monuments of architecture and artwork in Ukraine - featured a performance by the “Inner Journey” musical group; a cleverly created literary and musical composition with elements of meditative practice.

Full story

An extremely wonderful concert of the “Inner Journey” group was held in the House of Actors’ on Tuesday, February 28th. Sri Chinmoy said that when you give the world what you have the best, the best will come to you. This was strongly felt at the event. People, who entered the hall before the concert being tired and anxious, came out of the hall with shining eyes and happy smiles being very much inspired. We are very grateful!”

Evelina Beketova
Executive, Ukrainian House of Actors

Sri Chinmoy composed over 140,000 of these mystical artworks. He gave them the name Jharna-Kala, which means 'Fountain-art' in his native Bengali language - art which flows from the divine source inside each of us.

4 March

Start of the European Peace Run 2020

Recently, the European Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run began in spectacular style in Lisbon, Portugal.  From the presidential palace, the team of international runners were warmly greeted by the President of Portugal (Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa) and were later joined by many school children, officials and ordinary people as it began its continental journey. The European Peace Run will spend the six months covering 16,000 kilometres as it takes a message of peace and harmony to 36 different European nations.

Full story
The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa welcomes the Peace Run team. He joins other heads of state who have supported this initiative, such as Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev.
Jorge Pina, one of the Peace Run Ambassadors is interviewed by Sport TV. He explains how the Peace Run seeks to inspired people from all over the world to make their own contribution to a more peaceful world.

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987 as a vehicle to combine physical dynamism with our inner aspiration to create a more peaceful world. Since its inception in 1987, the Peace Run has continued to grow and has touched the lives of countless people from all areas of the world. Its simple message "Peace begins with Me" is a unifying force which resonates with people from all cultures and background. Sri Chinmoy considered himself to be a 'student of peace' who strove tirelessly to offer a message of peace.

“Lasting peace must begin within the depths of the individual, and from there spread in ever-widening circles as a dynamic force for world change.”

– Sri Chinmoy

The runners, president and schoolchildren pose for a photograph outside the Palace of Belem.

After the initial welcome, the Peace Run ran through the streets of Lisbon and went to the Restelo Stadium, giving the chance for many children to run with the torch and offer their goodwill to the spirit of the run.


The Peace Run at Restelo Stadium.

Video of meeting with President



29 February

A new redesign for some of our favourite vegetarian restaurants

Sri Chinmoy's students have established vegetarian restaurants all over the world - you could say that working in these restaurants is an extension of our own spiritual practise, because they allow us to see and serve the divine inside everyone who comes through the door. Recently, two of our most beloved restaurants in New York and Seattle have undergone some renovation, so as to serve a whole new generation of customers and spiritual seekers alike.

The Smile of the Beyond (left) on Parsons Avenue, Jamaica, Queens
Full story

The Smile of the Beyond was established in Queens, NY, way back in 1972 - almost 50 years ago! - and combines the charms of an old-style diner with a sumptuous array of vegetarian breakfast options, sandwiches, wraps and soups, with new dishes being introduced all the time. The diner has undergone a little bit of a refurbishment in recent months, and the new-look Smile was recently featured in a very nice article in Edible Queens.

Sri Chinmoy's bird drawings line the walls of the Silence-Heart-Nest

The Silence-Heart-Nest, a veritable institution in Seattle's Fremont area for many years, has also had quite a considerable redesign, and now has a beautiful pure white colour scheme.


21 February

Peace Runs in Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal

Many of our members are very active in organising (and running in) the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, which is a torch relay that Sri Chinmoy founded in 1987 and has since visited over 160 countries. Millions of people have held our peace torch, and their shared wish for a better world connects us all.

Hanuman holds the Peace Torch during our Grand Finale in Bali
Full story

In 2019, the Peace Run began a momentous journey across the Southern Hemisphere - visiting all 44 countries that have their capital city below the Equator. The run began and ended Bali, Indonesia. To conclude the run, November 11 to 17, 2019, a large team - 27 Peace Runners for 13 countriues -  visited different communities of Bali, as well as school visits and ceremonies to share the message of peace. Our members from Bali organised each day of the program, so that the international members were able to immerse ourselves deeply in the beauty and purity of Bali.

Mediators Beyond Borders Conference The week before the closing ceremony, the Peace Run was invited to be part of the special international conference called Mediators Beyond Borders, at the invitation of Rotary District Governor and Peace Run supporter Princess Febri Dipokusumo.

In addition to the Peace Run presentation to the international audience, many of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna-Kala paintings were displayed throughout the venue.

The Peace Run was also very fortunate to meet again Nobel Peace Laureate and one of Timor-Leste’s foremost leaders Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta, who was the keynote speaker.

The Peace Run with Dr Ramos Horta

Grand Finale A 6-hour ceremony featuring a parade made made up of numerous groups, from kindergarten to high school, playing traditional and Western instruments, clad in various types of Balinese costumes, along with the Peace Run team.

Once at the stage by the beach, the Runners were treated with several incredible musical and cultural performances by students of different age groups, and much more! A number of children’s peace drawings adorned the display boards set up on the sand for the occasion.

The final item in the programme was a sunset beach meditation for peace, with a little candle held by each of us around the Peace Torch in the middle—a truly memorable moment.

The following day the Peace Run met at the statue of Sri Chinmoy at the Agung Rai Museum of Art. The museum's founder Agung Rai joined us for the meditation and told us how this statue of Sri Chinmoy is raising the whole consciousness of the museum, and how grateful he is.

Malaysia February 2020 With the help of Princess Febri once again, over a hundred peace runners visited a school in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, visited an school run by the Indonesian Consulate for their immigrant families’ children in the region. This event was jointly organized by both Malaysian and Indonesian Rotary Clubs, as well as Consul General of Indonesia. The beautiful morning began by singing national anthems of both Malaysia and Indonesia, followed by the Peace Run theme song.

Kids with our Peace Runner Thamara from Brazil

Surabaya and Madura Island in East Java, Indonesia. Surabaya Rotary Club, with the leadership of Princess Febri, organized Peace Runs from February 6 to 8, in two regions of Madura Island: Pamekasan and Bangkalan, as well as in Surabaya, the 2nd largest city of the country. Along with Princess was Prince Dipo, who was ever so faithfully supportive of the whole series of events. The team had 17 members from 11 countries.

Our special guest during these Peace Runs was Dr. Davidson Hepburn, Former Permanent Representative of the Bahamas to the UN, and President of the 35th General Conference of UNESCO.

It was our honour and complete pleasure to have this most accomplished leader-diplomat and dear brother-friend in the team. Not only was he a powerful speaker at important ceremonies, but was also an extremely friendly team member with superb sense of humour when doing school ceremonies.

Nepal February 2020 We had a big team: 27 members from 13 countries once again!

The Peace Run team at the Pokhara Marathon

We are also extremely grateful to Tej Bahadur Gurung, whom we affectionately call Tej Sir, for taking us in so wholeheartedly to be part of all the activities in Pokhara. Being a former athlete himself, and now as Vice President of Nepal Olympic Committee, he truly cherishes the athletic aspect of Sri Chinmoys’s spiritual philosophy.

Tej Bahadur Gurung holds the Peace Torch at the Pokhara Marathon

The Peace Run was featured prominently at the Pokhara Marathon, and the Marathon officials and participants were invited to the Nepali premiere of 3100: Run and Become, which turned out to be the perfect ending of the Nepal Peace Run.

30 November

Sahadeva Orchestra tours the Balkans

Often singers and musicians from Sri Chinmoy Centres all over the world come together to perform Sri Chinmoy's music, going on tour as part of a large concert ensemble. One such ensemble is conducted by Sahadeva Torpy from London, and has come to be known as the 'Sahadeva Orchestra'.

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Appearance on a popular Serbian morning show

Audio: Sahadeva Orchestra in concert

Their most recent tour in November - their second this year - took them to Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. About 35 people joined the tour starting in Belgrade. The tour was widely covered on radio and TV.

As well as performing Sri Chinmoy’s music for so many people, the concert tour is a great experience for the singers and musicians. Most of us are non-professionals, and many of us grow and learn so many things in such an intense short time.

One of our few 'professional' musicians - noted flautist Premik Russell Tubbs

As the group conductor Sahadeva says: "Even though it’s exhausting and requires you to give everything, you have this magical feeling that the whole experience is a beautiful opportunity, and that your task is only to give your heart completely to the journey and be happy."

18 November

Peace Week in Palermo, Italy

Recently, a week of peace activities, inspired by the life of Sri Chinmoy, was held in Palermo, Italy. The aim of the week was to involve a range of people in initiatives including art, sport, interfaith meeting and a Peace Parade through Palermo, Sicily. The events were well attended and the week of peace was embraced by the local communities.

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With the Mayor of Palermo

Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to offering a message of peace. He wished to be remembered as a 'student of peace' as he felt peace was a subject we should deeply value and try to embody in our lives.

Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run with a backdrop of Sri Chinmoy's art.

“This world of ours has everything save and except one thing: peace. And this peace has to start from within. If I have peace of mind, then only can I be of help to you. If you have peace of mind, then only can you be of help to me.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Peace Run team explaining the message of the Run.

A global team of runners from the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run were present at many of the activities - meeting local schools and communities to share the message of the run, which is "Peace Begins with Me." The Peace Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987 as a practical way to allow people from all walks of life and backgrounds to come together and share the common aspiration of humanity to work towards a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Staff from a local hospital welcome the Peace Run team.

The Peace Run was warmly welcomed by local dignitaries, hospital staff, schools, interfaith leaders and were given a special welcome at the University Games.


President of the European Peace Run, Devashishu Torpy said: "It was a really good experience to meet so many welcoming people and feel their genuine wish to support the aims and aspirations of the Peace Run."

Paintings for World Peace and Harmony

A Jharna Kala painting.

During the week, the Jharna Kala paintings of Sri Chinmoy were displayed at 14 locations in the city, including Falcone Borsellino Airport, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Botanical Garden,  the Faculty of Law,  the Polididactic Hall of Viale delle Scienze, the Court of Palermo, and the Sant’Antonino University Library. Some of the art exhibitions were also the venue for short music concerts, by groups such as Mountain Silence.

Parade for Peace

Peace Parade

A very significant event was a Parade for Peace, joined by many local people. It included a 100-meter long "Canvas for Peace" which was drawn by young school children, who all contributed their own artistic thoughts on themes of peace, harmony and brotherhood. The long Canvas for Peace was also joined by other groups to reach a total length of 150 metres.


Interfaith meeting

On the 12 November, the Peace Run team also visited a local interfaith gathering at a mosque. In attendance were representatives of all major religions who offered their prayers and wishes for peace.

This is just a snapshot of the many varied activities, which took place. More events and photographs can be viewed at the Peace Run website.

Peace quote by Sri Chinmoy from Sri Chinmoy, Run And Smile, Smile And Run, Agni Press, 2000.

16 November

Impossibility Challenger 2019 - Den Haag

Impossibility Challenger was an event founded in 1982 by Sri Chinmoy with the idea to give people the chance to transcend their limitations and make an effort to set a new world record or personal best. The event is organised by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre and, in the past few decades, has been held in several cities around the world The unique event attracts a diverse range of participants who are keen to test themselves in the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of 'Impossibility Challenger'.

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Fastest skipping by Samalya Schäfer as spectators watch

This years edition was held in Den Haag, Netherlands, and attracted a range of record breakers from quickest time to solve a Rubik's cube and tests of memory - to physical challenges such as the fastest running whilst skipping.

Ashrita Furman juggling a flaming sword.

Sri Chinmoy encouraged this event because he felt that the personal effort and discipline of trying to better oneself could give a more meaningful understanding of our latent capacities and this effort to reach new achievements would give a genuine sense of happiness. Sri Chinmoy often described this effort of challenging ourself as a philosophy of 'self-transcendence'.

Either forget impossibility’s challenge
Or challenge impossibility’s pride
To become truly happy.

- Sri Chinmoy

At this year's event, one of the participants was Ashrita Furman, who holds the Guinness World Record for having the most world records. In a record-breaking career, since 1979, he has set over 700 Guinness Records and currently holds more than 200. At this event, he set a new record for cutting 59 kiwis in a minute and also - completing 66 rounds of juggling a burning torch, within one minute.

The event attracted a range of self-transcendence feats - including push-ups, paper folding, skipping, sack racing and fastest one-handed hand-clap. It also included an epic feat of poetry recital. American Mahiruha Klein recited, over a period of several hours, 1,000 poems of Sri Chinmoy from the poetry series "The Golden Boat"  He later commented that he recited from memory 965 absolutely correct, with just a few slips in the other 35 poems. For Mahiruha, the long period of recital was not about the outer display of memory, but a very rewarding inner experience to become immersed in a world of spiritual poetry.

The event attracted substantial media coverage from the local Dutch press who covered the unique challenges of the event.

Ashrita Furman undertaking record to slice Kiwis in a minute whilst balancing on a pad.
6 November

Songs for Peace in Hungary


Recently, at the world-renowned Kodaly Centre, in Hungary, over 800 school children performed a special concert for Peace. The concert to promote peace and harmony was held in honour of the UN International Day for Peace. The concert also featured 15 different songs by composer Sri Chinmoy. The songs were in English, Bengali and some translated into Hungarian.

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The children came from 23 different schools across Hungary and were led by the music group Mountain Silence. Mountain-Silence have performed at venues across the world for the past 25 years, but this was a unique experience as they were joined by so many other singers, to create a wonderful harmony of voices.

Sri Chinmoy was a prolific composer who composed many songs on the theme of the heart's aspiration and inner peace. One of his songs on peace reads:

A new world of peace,
A new world of light,
A new world of height,
Can alone give me

- Sri Chinmoy

The event created a positive and vibrant atmosphere in the famous concert hall, with the children enthusiastically entering the spirit of the music and creating a dynamic and uplifting sound. To further the aims of the Concert for Peace, members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run made a brief presentation on how they have been running for peace around Europe.

Song from Journey's Goal, part 1 at Sri Chinmoy Songs

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