Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Race 2018

Recently, the 2018 edition of the Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day race finished in Flushing Meadows, New York. For this testing multiday event, there were over 80 entrants who braved the cold, wind and rain in an unusually cold edition. The winner of the men's Ten Day Race was Ashprihanal Aalto from Finland, an accomplished multiday runner and World Record holder for 3,100 miles. Despite health issues, he managed a daily average of 82.6 miles. In the women's Ten Day event Ilvaka Nemcova from the Czech Republic completed 621 miles.

Start of Ten Day Race 2018.


Champions of 2018

Ten Day Race

  • Men: Ashprihanal Aalto - 826 miles
  • Women Ilvaka Nemcova - 621 miles

Six Day Race

  • Men - John Geesler (USA) - 403 miles
  • Women - Petra Kasperova, Czech Republic - 370 miles
The one-mile loop in Flushing Meadow Park

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team have been organising multiday events in Flushing Meadows, New York since 1985 and the inaugural 1,000 mile race. Over the years this has evolved into the present format of a six and ten-day race. The race was founded by Sri Chinmoy who saw running as an opportunity to enable physical fitness but also spiritual self-transcendence. To put on the race, a team of volunteers work around the clock to set up the race, count runners, cook food and provide medical support.

Counting sheds and tents

A multi-day event requires the runner to dig deep and use all aspects of his being to overcome the physical and mental challenges of the event.

“We compete not for the sake of defeating others, but in order to bring forward our own capacity. Our best capacity comes forward only when there are other people around us. They inspire us to bring forward our utmost capacity, and we inspire them to bring forward their utmost capacity”

– Sri Chinmoy 1

Other photos of the race

Petra Kasperova - 6 day winner

Asprihanal Aalto


Yuri Trostenyuk - a former 10-day and 3100 mile Race winner

The race goes on through the night - the clock runs 24 hours a day.

The final runner to cross the line