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Sri Chinmoy left this earth on 11 October 2007, entering into mahasamadhi at 7'o clock in the morning. In spiritual terms, mahasamadhi is the moment where a spiritual Master leaves his physical body. Below are some resources put together in the weeks following his passing:

Internationally renowned peace leader and spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy passed away on the morning of October 11th at his home in Queens, New York.


Respected and loved worldwide, Sri Chinmoy's philosophy for world peace was manifested through a wide array of activities, ranging from literature to art to sports to music. The universal nature of his philosophy embraced and encouraged people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities to work together for peace.

"The power that dominates cannot solve world problems. The power that loves can solve world problems." - Sri Chinmoy.

Hailed as a modern day renaissance man, Sri Chinmoy has sought to combine the spirituality of the East with the dynamism of the West. To this end, he has made prolific and eye-opening contributions in the fields of literature, poetry, art, music and athletics.


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  • A moving speech from Gary Ackerman, Congressman of the district where Sri Chinmoy lived, paying tribute to his dear friend Sri Chinmoy. Read the text or view the video
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  • tributes section on this website, where students and friends of Sri Chinmoy have shared their personal feelings and memories.

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