Compassion Miracles

Welcome to Compassion Miracles. A collection of stories by students of Sri Chinmoy


Compassion Blessings

In May 1995, Guru came to Paris to give a concert. During a function, Guru asked what was happening with the running store that I wanted to open. At that time, I didn't have the money, but a few months later, I got it and opened the store, "Courez le But Vous Appelle."
In February 1999, Guru came to Paris to give another concert. Guru's running store in Paris was not going very well! I am not a real manager. Guru has always been kind enough to send disciples to be the manager, but they never stay. It seems like a game and I am all gratitude, depending entirely on him. Guru came to the store, and looked pleased and happy. It was so nice to see him there.
A few weeks later some seekers came to the store, and eventually three of them became Guru's disciples. I discovered one of them, Christian, had been working for a big company for 14 years, reorganizing stores that were not doing well. A few days later, he came to work in Guru's store and we felt a new energy!
Some time ago we had a rather special customer in the store. He seemed like an ordinary customer, and he was not particularly a runner, but he liked the store. At first, around June 1997, he bought a little from time to time, but in the end, around November 1997, he was buying a lot every day, for himself, his family and friends, around $1,000 a week. For me it was Guru's incredible compassion. That December, during the Christmas trip, I spoke to Guru about this man and Guru said this "customer" saw God in me.


Unnatishil (Paris)