You Are Perfect

"You Are Perfect"

My back hurt very badly and I was literally unable to move. Not wanting to waste any time, I went to a chiropractor. She told me that a disc had slipped and that it would take many weeks to correct this. Sri Chinmoy had been told that I was in pain and asked to see me. He told me to wait three more days before I went to the doctor again. At the end of the third night, I felt such determination to go to work the next day, although I could barely move. When I arrived at Annam Brahma, the restaurant where I work, everyone was astonished. "You shouldn't work until your back is better," they said. "I'm staying," I said. A few moments later Guru came into the restaurant, which was very unusual. He was told that I had come to work and he asked to see me. Guru sat concentrating very intensely with his head down. I stood as quietly as possible. When he looked up at me, I saw a circle form from Guru's lips, and a most enchanting birdcall came out! Guru smiled as he looked in my eyes and he said very sweetly, "You are standing! You are smiling! And you are crying! You can stand, and you can smile, and you can cry. Smile outwardly, and cry inwardly—what more do you need? You are perfect. You are perfect. You are absolutely perfect." These mantric words resonated again and again through my being. And it was true. My back was all better.

Akuli (New York)