Sri Chinmoy Statue in Prague

This statue of Sri Chinmoy is located on the banks of the river Vltava in Prague; in recent days, it has featured in many newspapers as images show the devastating flood waters, rising to partially submerge the statue.

Photo: Apaguha Vesely

Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) dedicated his life to the promotion of peace. He founded the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run and offered over 700 Peace Concerts around the world.

The beautiful statue was created by British sculptor, Kaivalya Torpy and was dedicated in a ceremony during October 2009. At the opening ceremony, Kaivalya Torpy  said he hoped that the statue of Sri Chinmoy would stand as a symbol of peace and hope, and inspire the next generation of peace lovers.


Sri Chinmoy wrote many short poems on the theme of peace and hope.

Can be achieved
When the power of love
The love of power.

- Sri Chinmoy [1]

No matter what happens,
Do not lose hope,
For once hope is gone,
Everything is gone.

- Sri Chinmoy [2]

Sculptor Kaivalya Torpy with statue in 2009.

Photo: Apaguha Vesely


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Photos: Czech Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries / Apaguha Vesely