Songs of the Soul in Slovakia and Hungary

From 19 to 23 September, a group of Sri Chinmoy’s students from all around the world played five concerts in Hungary and Slovakia as part of the Songs of the Soul concert series. The Songs of the Soul concerts were begun in 2008 as a way to acquaint music-lovers with Sri Chinmoy’s music, and since then over 240 concerts have been held in 40 different countries.

The concerts were very well attended - over 1300 people came to the 3 Hungarian concerts in Budapest, Dorog and Gyõr.

As Sri Chinmoy’s students, we feel that these concerts offer the public a very easy way to immerse themselves in a spiritual consciousness without having to know too much about meditation; indeed, Sri Chinmoy felt that spiritual music was the next best thing to meditation.

Spiritual music is the illumining and fulfilling language of the universal soul.

Sri Chinmoy

It is a lot of hard work to put the concerts on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun at the same time…

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