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Inspiration-Letters 25 - Saints issue.

Inspiration-Letters 24 - Running issue.

Inspiration-Letters 23 - Past Lives issue hosted at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

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Inspiration-Letters 21
Open Issue: our writers were free to write on any topic of their choosing, and the results range from soulful meditations on travel and friendship to a wild and funny take on Lord of the Rings. Read on...

Inspiration-Letters seeks to offer interesting and original articles on any topic.

Authentic, well-written prose is hard to find on the Internet; and we hope that our magazine may help to fill that gap. We warmly welcome our fellow word-lovers and yarn-weavers to join us in this great project.

The word "letters" immediately implies disclosure or revelation. "Inspiration" ultimately derives from the Latin word "inspirare", 'to breathe in'. Taken together, the phrase "Inspiration-Letters" suggests a magazine that features uplifting personal narratives. But, like most literary journals, we're not seeking articles on just one topic or theme. We're hoping to offer prose pieces which will appeal to readers and writers of all spots and stripes!

Franz Kafka once wrote that "writing is prayer". And Jean-Paul Sartre expressed in an essay that we never write for ourselves alone. Without a real or at least an intended audience, the writer is meaningless. I sincerely hope that the stories and articles featured here ring true. Like Cezanne, we strive to offer inspiration and joy by telling the simple truth of our lives and dreams.

Mahiruha Klein

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Inspiration-Letters 20
Dreams Issue: Reflecting on dreams, their human and spiritual significance.

Inspiration-Letters 19
Time Issue: Reflecting on the issue of time, timelessness and what time can mean for spiritual seekers

Inspiration-Letters 18
Creativity Issue: Reflecting on the expressive urge from both mystical and pragmatic points of view...

Inspiration-Letters 17
What is the 'Sunlit Path' of devotional spirituality? Find out from 8 different writers' experiences.

Inspiration-Letters 16
Overcome it or roll with it? 8 writers pipe up on one of life's constant companions: Destiny...

Inspiration-Letters 15
In the Silence Edition, 7 writers recall places and times of quietude, and reflect on their influence...

Inspiration-Letters 14
This edition is all about Grace, and the various ways it touches our lives, reaching from the simple everyday to the life-changingly profound...

Inspiration-Letters 13
Six writers talk about their travels with Sri Chinmoy, from Ofuna to "Tobulu", Manhattan to Buffalo, including sheep, cows, and a Wurlitzer organ...

Inspiration-Letters XII
Six tributes to Sri Chinmoy, who passed away on the 11th of October 2007.

Inspiration-Letters XI
What is a sacred space? A temple? A meditation? Could it also be a bike path, a run, a wilderness, a school room, or a dumping ground? Find out in the Sacred Space Edition.

Inspiration-Letters X
Miracles: From Mexico to Hollywood, from oceans to glaciers, and Koto the Clown to JS Bach.

Inspiration-Letters IX
Book Reviews: featuring a humble horse, an extraordinary egg, oodles of heroism, and a generous helping of grace.

Inspiration-Letters VIII
Great Poets Issue: William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Virgil, Hafiz and... Paul Simon? Well... why not.

Inspiration-Letters VII
Skiing scrapes, racing cars on ice, a 3100-mile run, upside-down juggling, a dauntless swimmer and...how did butterfly collecting get in to the Extreme Sports Edition?

Inspiration-Letters VI
Via popcorn, pianos, chocolate on a mountain-top, a lost novel, and a dropped handkerchief, a diverse group of writers talk about their meditation experiences...

Inspiration-Letters V
From John Cleese to Shakespeare, via tree branches, cookies, tennis racquets, mountain rangers, the World Cup, and chocolate fish, it's the humour issue...

Inspiration-Letters IV
Getting to the heart of a prolific photographer, a sentimental collector, a great Czech master, some profound Italian frescoes, and a group of very mysterious Romanian visitors...

Inspiration-Letters III
Einstein to Marx, via saints and rabbits, stars and revolving cars, instincts and intuition, a statistical look at birthdays, a naturalist slant on artistry and spirituality, and a great deal of water...

Inspiration-Letters II
Climb the mountains of Western China and Europe, run the Philadelphia Marathon, see inside the soul of a house, follow the fate of a tartan scarf, and find God in a chestnut...

Inspiration-Letters I
From Kung-Fu to treacherous mountaineering, contemplate the sacredness of birthdays and music, run across Italy with a flaming torch, win cycling races, gaze at rainbows...