Leaving Some Time Behind

rose“How do you benefit from the meditative life?” I was asked this question in an informal meeting with a few colleagues during a school training session last year.  At first I explained to them briefly about my own quest for a more peaceful life within and without and then—it was definitely the most difficult topic to digest—I told them how happily a person can value his daily life if he stops thinking and starts feeling with the spiritual heart.  Unfortunately, the urge for the submission of a final paper by the group would not allow me to speak at length on my personal experiences.

After midday the training session was over and as the weather was getting warmer and warmer, I decided to have something delicious to eat at a nearby ice-cream shop before coming back home.  I was sitting down next to the refreshing shadow of a huge magnolia tree and I felt my inner and outer being relaxed and fully satisfied.  “How lucky we are now to have ice-cream shops open at any time of the year!”  Just two decades ago you did not have the chance to buy ice-creams except in the summer season or when they were ordered for special occasions like parties or banquets.   “We have overcome”, I said to myself. 

I could add that many other material things we have overcome—all kinds of flowers, fruit and vegetables are sold from January to December—along with some new cultural aspects which include a more multicultural or international community.

“But what is it about in my inner being and inmost feelings?”  My own personal belief in “Turns, turns, turns,”—do you remember by chance this famous song reproduced in different albums by different singers since the 70’s?—was spontaneously discarded years ago.  I realize this is the most significant thing I have also overcome thanks to my meditative life: there is no more dichotomy but only a time of life, a time of joy, a time of hope, a time of love, a time of oneness, a time of give.

Now, how could I have achieved this inner transformation by myself?  Impossible!!  This kind of inner miracle can only come from the delicate touch of a higher source who is the Supreme Master’s Love-Light and Concern. 

In my next meeting with these colleagues I’ll try to deep still down and if they are inspired, we are going to share some of Sri Chinmoy’s writings on the spiritual meaning of earthly time and its friendly aspect.

As I am writing these last sentences, a short poem of his is emerging from the very depth of my heart:

"Never grow old!

God is a shining example."

—Sri Chinmoy

Being marvelled at how far inspiration and reflections can fly, I ordered a second ice-cream and went back home just singing gratefully in the rainy sun.