Life on Sri Chinmoy's Path - an overview

Growing up on Sri Chinmoy's path

by Aruna Pohland
Augsburg, Germany

aruna2.jpgPhoto: Aruna with her father Projjwal in the Cosmos-Heart Cfe in Augsburg, a little coffee shop that Aruna owns.

When I was 2 1/2 years old, my parents took me along for the first time to Sri Chinmoy's birthday celebrations in New York, so I met him for the first time. I do not remember so much from those early years, but for me, the most important thing is that I do not remember a life without Sri Chinmoy and his guidance and love.

How Sri Chinmoy answers children's questions is fantastic. It is simple and totally understandable, and that is how I remember it from my childhood. Nothing was ever "not understood." Everything always made perfect sense, because I was always told the truth in a very simple way, as you can only tell a child. And I still feel the same way now that I am 28 years old!!! Whenever I have the opportunity to ask Sri Chinmoy something and expect a grand complex answer, he replies in the simplest possible way - that totally makes sense when you hear it. It blows your mind away! - and you ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that myself before?!"

During my entire childhood and teenage years, and now in my adult life, I have always felt protected somehow, inwardly and outwardly. My parents raised me as Sri Chinmoy advises parents to raise a child - although I think they did it intuitively, led by God, because they themselves were still children, and still are, more than me sometimes. :)

  • they were there for me at every moment
  • they showered me with love, guidance, compassion, forgiveness (especially my mother), oneness
  • they taught me the results of their own spirituality, not always consciously, but through their behaviour
  • and many more things...

I am most grateful to them for loving the spiritual Aruna more than the ordinary person Aruna, for that is the ultimate love of a parent, the only real love.

Sure, there were some hard times in my life - growing up isn't always easy; but whatever happened, I always knew it will be taken care of, it will turn out okay, it is for the best. I never lost my faith completely. And it always turned out fine. And I know in every life situation my teacher Sri Chinmoy was present, watching me, guiding me, showing me the right way.

Now when I think back, I had a great childhood - I still do! We travel alot, getting to know the world, widening our view. I've always had great friends I know I can trust who share the same interest in spirituality; I always feel protected, safe and happy among my friends at Sri Chinmoy Centre, which is like an extended family.

When I look at some children or teenagers who do not have spirituality, and see how lost they are, how sad, how confused, how rude they are, what language they use, how they treat others, I feel grateful that I was able to live a life like mine. My gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for blessing me with such a great life.

The story of my life

by Behala Hammerl
Salzburg, Austria

behala-hammerl.jpgIt is only a little story that I would like to write down, but for me it is the story of my life.

What is so special about it? If I look back and think of my childhood dreams – I wanted horses, I wanted to become a nurse, I dreamt of a family with lots of children – all this became reality. The foundation for a firm faith was laid in my childhood, and the confidence in the ONE grew continuously within me until it reached the certainty that everything is in His Hands. I was told many times "You live on the sunny side of life", or "You made a special deal with Heaven", and indeed I felt deep within me great happiness and gratitude. I always felt happy, and the small and not so small challenges in life increased my confidence in God.

However, there was something within me that propelled me to go forward, that sent me on a quest for more depth, for a deeper meaning in life. I wanted to become even closer to the ONE that seemed to be always close to me. The Catholic faith could not fulfil this desire of mine. I took Hatha Yoga classes, did two levels of Reiki and always had the feeling I was making headway – at least for a short time.

One day, my two daughters discovered a poster about meditation. They were also seekers and thought that I might be interested in meditation as well, so we went together to this meditation class. Very quickly I felt that my search had come to an end, and that my inner journey was beginning. I had found a spiritual Master (or did my Master find me?), although back then I knew very little about the Master-disciple relationship.

I have been meditating for the last 13 years and know now the real meaning of happiness. My life has become a spiritual adventure; every day can bring me closer to my goal if I use the opportunities given to me. Sri Chinmoy teaches me inwardly - he establishes a connection to my core, to myself, to my SELF. My teacher has transformed me, transformed something within me and broadened my horizon.

Sri Chinmoy encourages his students to meditate in groups. This helps us to make contact with kindred spirits, not only in Austria but all over the world. To meet with hundreds of people at concerts or in New York fosters the feeling of oneness and gives us the inspiration to continue on this spiritual path. Since my husband and our four children have also chosen this path, we aspire together towards a higher goal.

Moments you never forget

by Ghantika Hammerl
Graz, Austria

ghantika-hammerl.jpgThere are moments in life that you never forget and never want to forget. I remember such an instant, in my teenage years, when I once seriously asked myself what would happen to me, to my life. Everybody probably wishes it might be something special, something beautiful.

Shortly after this reflective moment, I discovered something completely new through a meditation class: a spiritual path, Sri Chinmoy’s path. I was fascinated by Sri Chinmoy’s books. They answered my questions and opened a new world.

Today, with deep gratitude, I can look back at countless special and unforgettable moments. Moments with my meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, in his elevating and blessingful presence. And numerous experiences as well, inner and outer, that I had during meditation, with other people, in my daily life. I look back at a truly fulfilled life with ever-increasing happiness and everexpanding experiences. Every day, I learn more and more to value the force of positive thoughts and the power of the heart and to rely on the inner guidance.

My parents, my two sisters and my brother are Sri Chinmoy’s disciples as well. Not least because of that our family ties are very strong. The exchange of experiences and feelings within our family is a source of constant inspiration.