Hashi's stories

For prasad on my birthday once many years ago, I wanted to make a special banana pudding. I stayed up all night stirring away before the pudding would ‘set'.

When I saw Guru that morning at the track, immediately he let me see something special. All around him I could see light—like a furry coat—so clearly that I almost asked the person beside me if she could see it too. And even more surprising: the aura that I was seeing was pink—a warm, bright pink! I kept looking, expecting this to fade, but it was quite bright and clearly visible.

Then Guru went over to the pudding prasad and looked at it, still meditating. I saw a line of light flowing down from him to the tray. This prasad was truly, truly blessed.

Later I had a chance to tell Guru that he had given me a present and let me see his aura, and that it was pink! Guru sweetly said that his aura contains all the colours, and pink was one of them—such a special blessing.

On my birthday a number of years ago, Sri Chinmoy invited me to his house. When I was leaving, late in the afternoon, my husband pulled up in a car. He had some serious news for me—my brother had suffered an acute appendicitis attack. The doctors had operated and discovered that his appendix had burst; he was in intensive care and critically ill.

I didn't even think about what to do—I just turned around and walked back in the house, and went down to the basement where Guru was serenely practising his cello. I hated to disturb him but I felt I had no choice. I sat before him and relayed the terrifying message I had just received.

Immediately Guru stopped playing, and he began meditating so intensely, with such power, that I was astounded. My brother is extremely dear to me, but Guru had only seen him once, many years before. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to see Guru climb to such an awesome height in the inner world to rescue my brother.

My brother's life was saved and he resumed his active career. I would never forget the love that Guru poured upon my brother's soul.